Friday, March 18, 2011

BETA 4.3

You can now download BETA 4.3, you can click on "read more" to get info of this update.
BETA 4.3, this version will have the following fixes:

  • Fixed Max Ether and Escape Rope in Rock Tunnel
  • Fixed bug making the game crash in Mt. Moon
  • Players should now be able to use HM's when they get their respective badge
  • Changed badges to the actual ones in Kanto

This version will also contain this new features:
  • New game updater (I will post a video explaining how to use it)

  • New icon for the map, might show wrong location inside of most buildings, I will fix this later.

  • Players will now be able to run inside buildings

This image explains the difficulty of each player there.
  • You can now play Triple Triad inside Celadon Game Corner
You can also buy cards there and get info on how to play it.

I don't know why but I find this addicting


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  3. which is the updated vershion 4.4 or 4.3 or 4.4.1

  4. They need to fix4.4.1 the elevator needs fixed we all been.waiting for years now for the up non of us can get any further in the game due to that reason.

  5. Either way youg bugs s till ahv e not been fixed. Every one is fixing the less importaint ones. Fix the rockets elevater so we can go further. Every time you go to the rockets elevater and to use the key it takes you to the store.

  6. The game corner hideout elevator is still broken. The lift key is useless and only take you back to the store.

  7. um how can i go through saffron city?

  8. How can I play I download the 4.4 version of this but it can't play on jhon GBA lite plsss how??? To play

    1. You can't play it on android because this is olny for pc


  10. I am trying to download this game after 4.4 to get the updater. The four
    stones are blocking the north way to somewhere new. I hope you fix this but
    it is a bug in Viridian City before the forest thanks, SMT

  11. please fix the elevator in the game corner hideout.the lift key is not working