Friday, March 4, 2011

BETA 4.2.1

Poll is now closed thanks for your help!
I just fixed the error that happened when trying to use Battle Tower with illegal Pokemon, I just mixed the part of the script that causes the Day/Night tinting in the old script with everything else in the newest, creating an hybrid script that should work with Windows XP, but I still need someone to test it on that OS.
Download BETA 4.2.1
Link will only be here while this update is temporal.
Please Read everything below before downloading!

This is a temporal* release; BETA 4.2.1
There is NO new content in this release, so you only need to download it if you want to help me with this little problem.

Windows XP users
To know if it worked, try going outside of a building, if you don't get an error we are good, and be sure to mark it in the poll, I really need to know.
Also mark it in the poll if it didn't work.

I specially need Windows XP users to try out this, because it's the only OS that was getting the error.

Windows Vista users
Windows Vista users (or newer) can download this BETA to be able to play in the Battle Tower, Palace, etc.

Thanks for your time.

*if this BETA works, it might be the next official version, and stay there instead of 4.2

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