Game Info

This page is still in development.
General Info
This game is being developed in RPG Maker XP, using Poccil/Flameguru's Pokemon Starter Kit.

I decided to release a "demo" because many people were asking for it, and I needed some BETA testers, so I thought "Why not?" and so I released BETA 1.0 on October, 9, 2010; containing the game until Pewter City Gym, since then I have been making constant updates while BETA testers kindly help me sending me Bug Reports and Suggestions.

Pokemon DarkFlame is a Pokemon FireRed Remake with some additions of mine, it currently has all Pokemon from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh, but I will soon add the ones from the Unova region.
Right now the game is mostly in story development*.
I want to have most of the game's story complete before I start adding or editing more things, this new things will include new features, maybe changing some graphics, more mini-games and many more things.
What I am planning to do after I finish the story is to fix all signs, give more detail to the grass, etc.

Meanwhile the game is on BETA stages, I will place rocks to stop players from going to areas of the map not yet developed.

Version Info
Pokemon DarkFlame is being developed in parts, every update I make is always because of a new city was added to the game, new features were added, or I got rid of a bug that was causing mayor problems.
The game version "codification" number, as we can say, is read as:
(X.Y) where X stands for the number of the city gyms released, and Y stands for number of updates since the last Gym update.
I will sometimes use this: (X.Y.Z), in this cases, Z stands for a bug fix that was really necessary fixing, but doesn't contain any new features since it's last update, so it's not worth taking a Y number.
You can get info about the latest version and all previous updates here.
I will often block parts of the game that are still not developed, I will do this using mostly rocks, this blocking will be removed when I decide that that part of the game is ready to be released to the public. That is why you will often see rocks blocking your way when getting too far in the game.
To know which locations are open refer to the chart below, everything from the beginning of the game until the Gym noted is available in that update.

  • BETA 1.0 - Pewter City Gym
  • BETA 2.0 - Cerulean City Gym
  • BETA 3.0 - Vermilion City Gym
  • BETA 4.0 - Celadon City Gym
  • BETA 5.0 - Fuchsia City Gym
  • BETA 6.0 - Saffron City Gym
  • BETA 7.0 - Cinnabar City Gym
  • BETA 8.0 - Viridian City Gym
  • BETA 9.0 - Pokemon League