Progress/Update Notes

Pokemon DarkFlame is currently being developed by only me.

Be sure to follow me on twitter. I will update it when I work in the game, just to let you know that I am making progress. I will also update it to give you info of what I am currently working on and what I am planning to do with the game.
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Update Notes:
(Oct 9 2010) Beta 1.0:
  • Game Released.
(Oct 16 2010) Beta 1.1:
  • PokeMarts now work.
  • Aid in lab only gives 5 Pokeballs.
  • All trainers are able for fight.
  • You should now be able to select Bulbasaur or Treecko.
(Oct 16, 2010) Beta 1.2:
  • Bug with Professor Oak's Parcel is Fixed.
(Oct 29, 2010) Beta 2.0:
  • Cerulean City is added to the game.
  • The game is a lot more populated.
  • Images of the items should now coincide with its item.
(Nov 8, 2010) Beta 3.0:
  • All bag images now work.
  • VERMILION City added to the game.
(Nov 15, 2010) Beta 3.2:
  • Bike now works.
  • The Island.
  • Had to remove the egg system from daycare, until I can fix it.
(Nov 17, 2010) Beta 3.3:
  • Windows XP users should now be able to play.
(Dec 13, 2010) Beta 3.4:
  • Trading game added.
  • Added population to some Pokemon Centers and Marts.
  • Diglett Cave added.
  • HM 05 obtainable.
  • Rock Tunnel added.
  • Lavender Town added.
  • Fixed bug were switches in trash cans won't reset (Vermilion City Gym).
(Jan 01, 2011) Beta 4.0
  • Daycare eggs now work.
  • Celadon City added.
  • Celadon Gym added.
(Feb 14, 2011) Beta 4.1
  • Player is now able to receive Flash.
  • Player is now able to Mark Pokemon.
  • Celadon Dept. is complete and open.
  • Celadon Mansion is complete and open.
(Feb 16, 2011) Beta 4.2
  • Town map is now complete.
  • Fly now works properly.
  • Celadon Dept. should now work correctly.
  • Celadon City is now mapped correctly.
  • Small change in the title screen.
  • Pokedex now shows the Pokemon's nest area.
(Feb 19, 2011) Beta 4.2.1
  • Fixed bug causing errors in The Island.
(Mar 18, 2011) Beta 4.3
  • Fixed Max Ether and Escape Rope in Rock Tunnel.
  • Small change in the title screen.
  • New Updater for the game.
  • Added an icon to the map to show the player's current location.
  • Added the "Already caught Pokemon" icon.
  • Changed Badges to the ones in Kanto.
  • Fixed Bug making the game crash in Mt. Moon.
  • Players won't receive HM's from gym leaders anymore.
  • Players should now be able to use HM's when they get their respective Badge.
  • Players will now be able to run inside buildings.
  • Added Triple Triad to Celadon Game Corner.
(May 09, 2011) Beta 4.4
  • You can change your storage creator from SOMEONE's PC to BILL's PC by talking to Bill.
  • Minor graphical changes in Vermilion City.
  • Fixed Happiny's evolution method.
  • Fixed bug causing Bill not giving you the S.S. Ticket.
  • People in Pokecenters and Pokemarts will not block the door anymore.
  • The sign at the end of Viridian Forest should display the correct text now.
  • Floor in Pewter City Gym should now work correctly.
  • Blackbelts outside of MT. Moon will no longer give infinite TMs.
  • Second trainer inside Cerulean City Gym is now a mandatory battle.
  • Players should not be able to walk in the poster of Bill's house anymore.
  • Black edge in Vermilion city was removed.
  • Bide now works correctly.
  • Players now need to get the Pokedex before being able to buy anything from the mart.
  • Changed enemy base graphic to one of a higher resolution.
  • Pokégear's radio should now work correctly.
  • Pokemon's name should now be visible when  it faints (or not) from poisoning.
  • Players should now be able to trade with the person in Route 2.
  • Copycat should now work correctly.
  • Statues in all Pokemon Gym's should now work correctly.
  • Name of the move should now be displayed when getting a TM or HM.
  • Fixed issue causing Pokemon not to learn moves when leveling while being switched out.
  • The game should now also display the stats of the leveling Pokemon while switched out.
  • Pokemon in battle now get experience when sharing it with a leveling Pokemon that is out.
  • Bed in player's room should now allow correct movement.
  • Speech text box should now be of the proper size.
  • Speech text box skin selected by the player should now save.
  • Exp bar should now show the Pokemon's exp correctly in the summary screen.
  • Animated Pokemon (Emerald Style) when entering battle.
  • Renewed Pokemon Sprites.
  • Man in Pokemon Center at Route 4 will now sell only a Magikarp.
  • Changed the graphic of the HEALBALL, QUICKBALL, and DUSKBALL of the bag.
(May 01, 2013) Beta 4.4.1
  • Fixed bug causing the game to crash when battling Brock.
  • Fixed spelling error in a sign in Viridian City.
  • Fixed bug with trader in route 2.
  • Fixed bug with the "!" animation in Cerulean City.
  • Fixed black edge corners in Pewter City.
  • Fixed spelling error in Celadon Game Corner.
  • Fixed Rocket's Hideout Elevator.
  • Fixed infinite trades in Vermilion City.
  • Fixed spelling error in a boy's speech in Cerulean City.
  • Fixed error in Cerulean City Gym Statue.
  • Fixed error in Celadon City Gym Statue.
  • Players should not be able to walk over the black edge in Celadon Gym anymore.
  • Fixed spelling error in a sign in Pewter City.
  • Fixed spelling error in a Route 2 sign.
  • Fixed spelling error in a girl's speech in an Underground Path.
  • Players will now be transported to the correct place when getting out of the Underground Path.
  • Players should now be able to read the sign at Route 5.
  • Fixed black corner in Lavender Town.
  • Fixed bug that causes error when talking to Brock.
  • Lickitung, Tangela, Piloswine, Yanma, and Aipom should now evolve correctly.
  • Rhydon, Electabuzz, Magmar, and Dusclops should now evolve correctly.
  • Sneasel, and Gligar should now evolve correctly.
  • Midreavus, Murkrow, and Togetic should now evolve correctly.
  • Kirlia, and Snorunt should now evolve correctly.
  • Fixed the trainer calling Brock "Slate" in Pewter Gym.
  • Zubat and Golbat should now be able to learn Fly.
  • Player won't freeze after losing with rival without going to a Pokemon Center before.
  • Fixed girl's speech in Pallet Town.
  • Wild Munchlax should now hold Leftovers.