Known Bugs

Thanks to everyone who sent a Bug report.

Crossed text means fixed.
Highlighted blue means it is still not fixed.
Highlighted red means it really needs to be fixed.
This is just a list that shows in which version each report was sent.
To check the actual changes of the game, go to the Update Notes.

OV Wooldridge
  1. I can't talk to Viridian pokemart clerk from across desk, that would get tedious in final.
  2. Every time you head outside of the lab after passing the aid, you get another 5 Pokeballs.
  3. I found out the hard way that talking to the Bugcatcher closest to the Pewter entrance causes a runtime error and makes the game CTD. He also doesn't detect you if you walk by.
dragon fury
  1. Crash after getting out of cave.
Luck McLeod
  1. I've found at this point is in the option menu; the game outright crashes if you either go past FRAME 28 or loop back from FRAME 1. Occurs both on continue, new game, option menu and in game. Occurs in both resolution settings.
  2. Selecting Bulbasaur or Treeko in Oak's Lab result in crashes.
  1. In Every PokeMart, you can walk through the register behind the counter.
dragon fury
  1. When Oak's friend gives me Oak's Parcel the game crashes.
  1. when i go and get the parcel for oak the game crashes.
  • No bugs
  1. Green guy before MT. MOON makes the game crash.
  2. Move tutors in route 4 make the game crash.
  3. Robbed house door leads to Alon's house.
  1. Not able to create a new player.
  2. Not able to retrieve eggs from DayCare.
  3. Bug in the Storage System.
  1. Marking Pokemon in the PC causes the game to crash.
  1. Not able to use the game on Windows XP.
  1. Switches in Vermilion City's gym won't reset after failing to get the second one, making the gym leader unplayable.
  • No bugs
  1. Flash is not received when you talk to Oak's Aide.
  1. Route 2 to Viridian Forest doesn't work.
  1.  Not able to buy anything in Celadon dept.
  2. Not able to walk behind Cerulean Mansion.
  1. Escape rope and Max Ether in Rock Tunnel causes the game to crash.
  1. The game crashes when I enter Mt. Moon.
  1. Game crashes in Pokemon Tower.
  1. When I try to use Fly and Strength, it tells me i need a new badge, even if I have it.
  2. Alon keeps telling me to visit Bill, which I've already done.

  1. Black region in Route 1 corner.
  1. Bide does not have any PP so it cannot be used.
  2. You can buy Pokeballs in the Pokemart in Viridian City before delivering the parcel to Oak.
  3. People in the Pokemon center can walk in front of the door.
  4. When Pokemon get enough experience to level up but they are not the Pokemon out in battle it does not say that the Pokemon grew a level when it actually did.
  5. Switched out Pokemon do not get attacks either when leveling.
  6. When a Pokemon survives with 1 health after walking outside of battle with the Pokemon being poisoned, the text reads {1} instead of the Pokemon's name.
  7. The sign at the end of Viridian Forest reads "w\[signskin]" which is probably unintended.
  8. Spelling Error: In the museum of Pewter City the old guy says "I should be graceful" rather than "grateful."
  9. Pewter City Gym: The statue is incorrect. It says the victors so far are Gary instead of the rival.
  10. Also in that gym I can walk on the sand so I can kind of avoid the trainers.
  11. The move "Copycat" works correctly (move known by "Mime Jr."), It only fails.
  12. Some of the attacks with really long descriptions extend beyond the area of the screen and are therefore unreadable.
  13. When you grab a TM from the ground it says "You received TM(x). It contained TM(x). Can you make it so that it says what the move contained in that TM is?
  14. People right outside of Mt. Moon that give you the TMs "Focus Punch" and "Protect" will give the respective TMs infinitely.
  15. In the Cerulean City gym, I can fight Misty without fighting the second trainer. Calling it a bug because the second trainer says "no one will fight Misty without fighting me."
  16. If I go down the dock in Vermilion City I eventually can see the black border of the map.
  17. The guy in the top right of the house outside of the Diglet cave (the house is on "Route 2") says "Thanks for the trade" without giving me an opportunity to trade with him.
  18. In Bill's House I can walk on some of the wall by climbing up the poster in the top right corner.

  1. Spelling error in Veridian City.
  2. Error when trying to trade with someone in route 2.
  3. Bug with "!" animation in Cerulean City.
  4. Black edge in Pewter City left corner.
  5. Spelling error in Celadon Game Corner.
  6. Error in Rocket Hideout's elevator.
  7. No encounters in Celadon City's water.
  8. Infinite trades in Vermilion City.
  9. No encounters in Pallet Town's water.
  10. No encounters in Viridian City's water.
  11. Spelling error in a boy's speech Cerulean City.
  12. Error in Cerulean City Gym Statue.
  13. Error in Celadon City Gym Statue.
  14. Can walk in black edge in Celadon City Gym.
  15. Error in sign in Pewter City.
  16. Spelling error in a Route 2 sign.
  17. Spelling error in a girl's speech in an Underground Path.
  18. I get transported to the middle of Route 6 when getting out of Underground Path.
  19. I cannot read the sign in Route 5.
  20. Parlyz Heal doesn't work in battle.
  21. Black corner in Lavender Town.
  22. Move Tailwind is not working.
  23. Aipom doesn't evolve.
  24. Move Toxic Spikes is not working.
  25. Move Miracle Eye is not working.
  26. Move Me First is not working.
  27. Zubat is unable to learn fly.
  28. Move Acupressure doesnt work.
  29. Arena trap doesn't work on female Diglett.
  30. Player's money doesn't change when selling cards.
  31. Cherrim doesn't have an ability.
  32. After using Thief on Battle Palace, the item is missing after battle.
  33. Wild Munchlax don't hold Leftovers.
  1. Game crashes when talking to Brock.
  2. Second trainer in Pewter gym calls Brock "Slate".
  1. There is no sprite for rival.
  2. If you lose to rival, the Player is not transported into a Pokemon Center.
  3. Girl's speech in Pallet Town is wrong.