Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Now working on... (Edit: April 18)

Edit: April 18
I have added the complete list as sent by the user, you can check it out at the end of this post by clicking Read More.

Well, today (April 5, 2011) I received a mail containing report of a lot of Bugs, so now my job is to fix them, I will put these in bugs in top priority and post every change I make in the "Known Bugs" section but I will also update this post with the new fixes, I will probably make an update after I finish fixing this bugs, so expect it soon.

Fixes ready for the next update:
  • Fixed Happiny's evolution method.
  • Fixed bug causing Bill not giving you the S.S. Ticket.
  • People in Pokecenters and Pokemarts will not block the door anymore.
  • The sign at the end of Viridian Forest should display the correct text now.
  • Floor in Pewter City Gym should now work correctly.
  • Blackbelts outside of MT. Moon will no longer give infinite TMs.
  • Second trainer inside Cerulean City Gym is now a mandatory battle.
  • Players should not be able to walk in the poster of Bill's house anymore.
  • Black edge in Vermilion city was removed.
  • Bide now works correctly.
  • Players now need to get the Pokedex before being able to buy anything from the mart.
  • Pokemon's name should now be visible when it faints (or not) from poisoning.
  • Players should now be able to trade with the person in Route 2.
  • Copycat should now work correctly.
  • Statues in all Pokemon Gym's should now work correctly.
  • Move thought by TM will now be display when getting a TM or HM.
  • Fixed issue causing Pokemon not to learn moves when leveling while being switched out. The game should now also display the stats of the leveling Pokemon while switched out. The Pokemon in battle should now get experience even when sharing it with a leveling Pokemon that is switched out.
I am still missing one, make sure you come back later and check for the new fixes.

I would also like to thank the person who sent me this mail, I won't post your name here because of privacy purposes, you know who you are, and I would like you to send me another mail with a nickname you would like me to post in the "Known Bugs" section, you made a huge contribution to this project, and I think anyone who helps deserves credit.

To the mail sender: I will answer all your questions replying to your mail when I finish fixing the bugs, so just give me some time and I will reply you with an answer.

-Thanks for your time and support.

Here is the complete Bug list as sent by the user. (Click Read More)

This is the complete list as sent by the user,
I will put a checkmark like this ✔ when the bug is fixed.
I will put a mark like this ► with a number like this ►1 when there is a special response for it.
I will put a mark like this ● when the bug isn't still fixed.

1. Bide does not have any PP so it cannot be used (Seedot has it) (Huh I found a lv. 2 Seedot and apparently it only knew bide because it used struggle)

2. You can buy Pokeballs in the Pokemart in Viridian City before delivering the parcel to Oak (probably a bug because later in the lab you get free Pokeballs).

3►1. Boxes do not heal Pokemon (also unlikely to be a bug but it is mildly annoying when a Pokemon is caught and it is sent to the p.c. without being healed).

4. Very slight inconvenience, but people in the Pokemon center in Veridian City can walk in front of the door. An easy way to fix this would be to put a blank event on that tile because events cannot walk through other events.

5. When Pokemon get enough experience to level up but they are not the Pokemon out in battle (e.g., I switched out) it does not say that the Pokemon grew a level when it actually did. Oh no they do not get attacks either! Basically this combined with 1 means that Seedot will forever be useless... Also the Pokemon out in front does not get any experience. So far I think this is the biggest flaw. Oh no! That means the Magikarp I bought can never become good unless... Yes! Rare candies! And what is this? Yes! TM09 Bullet Seed in Mt. Moon! I can use both of them now.

6. When a Pokemon survives with 1 health after walking outside of battle with the Pokemon being poisoned, the text reads {1} instead of the Pokemon's name.

7. The sign at the end of Viridian Forest reads "w\[signskin]" which is probably unintended.

8. Spelling Error: In the museum of Pewter City the old guy says "I should be graceful" rather than "grateful."

9. Pewter City Gym: The statue is incorrect. It says the victors so far are Gary instead of the rival. Also in that gym I can walk on the sand so I can kind of avoid the trainers. 

10. Unfortunately I do not think the move "Copycat works correctly (move known by "Mime Jr."), It only fails.

11►2. When using counter against a multi-part attack (in this case Riolu used counter against my Seedot's Bullet Seed attack), the counter only works for the last part of the attack (Seedot took 4 damage because each time bullet seed hit it did 2 damage).

12●. Some of the attacks with really long descriptions extend beyond the area of the screen and are therefore unreadable (e.g., meditate).

13►3. Guy in Mt. Moon in the top right of first map mentions "Brock from Pewter City Gym," instead of Slate.

14. Right now when you grab a TM from the ground (from a Pokeball on the ground) it says "You received TM(x). It contained TM(x). Can you make it so that it says what the move contained in that TM is?

15►5. Pursuit does not work properly, I am afraid. It strikes the Pokemon that switched in as opposed to hitting the one switching out and doing twice the damage.

16. Just so you are aware because it may not be a bug, but the people right outside of Mt. Moon that give you the TMs "Focus Punch" and "Protect" will give the respective TMs infinitely.

17. In the Cerulean City gym, I can fight Misty without fighting the second trainer. I am calling it a bug because the second trainer says "no one will fight Misty without fighting me."

18. Guy in bottom left of Pokemon Center in Vermilion City said that his Pokemon fainted from poison while walking which is not the case in this game.

19. If I go down the dock in Vermilion City I eventually can see the black border of the map.

20. The guy in the top right of the house outside of the Diglet cave (the house is on "Route 2") says "Thanks for the trade" without giving me an opportunity to trade with him.

21►4. Yeah, that strange rock formation sure looks like a sleeping Pokemon (right of Vermilion City the sign says sleeping Pokemon might block the road but it is just rocks).

22. In Bill's House I can walk on some of the wall by climbing up the poster in the top right corner.
Here are the answers to the bugs with the ► mark.
►1. This is intended to be like this, because that is how it is in the real games.

►2. This is intended to be like this, you can read the description and effects of this attack here: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Counter_(move)
Which clearly specifies that "Counter will only counter the last hit of a multi-hit move..." in the third paragraph of the effect description.

►3. This was a mistake of mine, as firstly Slate was intended to be the name of the Pewter Gym in my game, but later I decided that It would be Brock, but I forgot to change the name of "Slate" to "Brock" in almost all the events. (It should now say "Brock" instead of "Slate" everywhere else, please send me a bug report if you find somewhere a "Slate" reference.

►4. The sign in Vermilion city actually refers to the Snorlax that is sleeping outside of Vermilion. The rock formation is there in order to prevent players from going outside Vermilion because that part of the game is still not complete.

►5. Pursuit does work correctly.


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