Monday, November 15, 2010

The Island BIG BETA Update (3.2)!!!

You can now download BETA 3.2 from the download section.

BETA 3.2 Includes:

  1. The Island,
  2. Battle Tower
  3. Battle Palace
  4. Battle Arena
  5. Pokeball Market.
  6. Bike now works.

Special Notes:

  1. I still need a good name for The Island.
  2. Pokeball Market will get more Pokeballs over time.
  3. The Island´s geography could change at any update.
  4. New events could get to The Island at any update.
  5. If you have any suggestions of an event, please send it to me as clearly as possible.

Don't forget to go to Bill's house first to get the S.S. Ticket so you can travel to the Island.
Please vote on the Poll on your right telling me how many PokeDollars you have in-game now.

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