Friday, October 22, 2010


Does anyone know any website that has info on what place all the trainers are?
I know about Bulbapedia but it only has the trainers info not the exact square where they are standing.
If you know a website please contact me with the link.

I need this to be able to release 2.0 which will contain everything that is fixed from Beta 1 (See Known Bugs for info) and Cerulean city. (Yeah, I did find a way to use saves from previous versions of the game, you should be able to use this for all next releases)

Some more irrelevant info

You might notice all Betas come with the version number like this: X.Y.
The X stands for a new Gym, and if Y goes up by one number it means that the bugs crossed (In the Known Bugs list) have been fixed for that version.

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